Doggie Language: Canine Body Language

Here is an useful infographic from the awesome website called Doggie Drawings that provides illustrations to help you better understand your dogs body language. Learn about how to spot when you dog is alert, suspicious, anxious, threatened and plenty more by studying this piece. We hope that you appreciate this infographic and please share it […]

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Pool

Here we have a handy infographic from the American Kennel Club that provides tips to help you keep your dog safe when it is swimming in a pool. Read about why you should keep watch, start slow, not overdo it and more by checking out this piece. We hope that you find this dog safety […]

The Importance of Dog Dental Health

Here we have a great infographic produced by the pet meds and supplies website called PetCareRx that is full of information that will help you to take care of your pet dog’s dental health. Learn about the signs of healthy teeth, signs of dental disease, things you can do to help your dog’s teeth and […]

When is it Too Hot For Your Dog

Here we have a potentially life saving infographic from the dog portal called PetPremium that is packed with information about the dangers of leaving your dog in the car alone on warm days. Learn about how much the temperature can rise inside the car, how quickly dogs can die of heatstroke, symptoms of heatstroke and […]