Foxy Grooming Consultation

Pre Grooming Consultation

When you arrive, expect to spend a few minutes with your groomer discussing what you’d like done. We will conduct a Pre-Grooming Consultation and general health and welfare check to ensure your pet’s suitability for grooming. Your expectations should be managed in terms of price, time, and what is achievable given the condition of your pet’s coat.

During & After Grooming

During grooming you are able to see into the grooming area so that you can see what is going on. Once your dog is in the salon, please don’t try to attract your dog’s attention. Your pet is now in the care and control of a professional. For safety considerations, their attention should only be on the groomer.

After grooming – when you collect your pet from the salon, take a moment to ensure you are happy with the cut.

Disappointed? If you are unhappy with the end-result, please discuss this directly with us and we will do all possible to correct.

De-Matting & Coat Maintenance

Foxy Groomers take guidance from the Five Freedoms within the Animal Welfare Act, 2005. This means we will not put a dog through pain, or risk their health and well-being, to brush out serious matts. If your dog has just a few matts, we may be able to take care of these with a de-matting treatment and / or clip these out and style your dog in such a way that blends the clipped area into the longer coat.

Please also note that if your dog is badly matted, the groomers will need to take more time with shaving the matted areas. This is time-intensive and requires extra care not to cause any nicks if the matts have formed close to the skin. Think of this as an emergency treatment of a neglected coat. A professional pet groomer cannot take responsibility for these developments when they have had to treat a neglected coat but we will do our best to advise you of your responsibility after treatment and ongoing preventative care.

Ideally, your dog should come to the salon every four to six weeks or thereabouts, depending on breed and how much you do at home. In between grooms, your dog will benefit from daily (or every-other-day) brushing out. If you need help with choosing the right brush or using the right technique, ask us and we will be happy to show you.