We tailor each groom to your pooch’s coat & skin type. During the pre-groom the below shampoo type treatments will be discussed…

Silver Fox

100% natural. Ingredients include a soothing oatmeal, coconut, lime, aloe and lemon verbena shampoo. Oat protein cools and sooths sensitive skin and coconut extract and sweet almond oil moisturises. This shampoo gently removes dirt, grease and odour as it cleans.

Diamond White Fox

100% natural. Ingredients include brighteners to help brighten the coat and reduce stains without the use of any harmful chemicals but with extracts of cucumber, passion-flower, lemon and lime to remove any dirt, grease or stains. Natural white enhancers revitalise and refresh the natural white and light pigmentation within the hair, leaving the coat bright, silky, vibrant and shining with vitality.

Black Fox

100% natural. Ingredients include plant extract as well as extract of peach, pear, passion flower and kiwi fruit. It easily removes dirt, grease and stains as the colour enhancers revitalise and refresh the natural black pigmentation within the hair.

Copper Fox

100% natural. Ingredients include extract of peach, pear, passion-flower and kiwi fruit. Easily removes dirt, grease and stains as the colour enhancers revitalise and refresh the natural red and brown pigmentation within the hair.

Sensitive Fox

100% natural balanced formula of Aloe Vera, Avocado, Coconut and Wheat Extract to help soothe, moisturise, deodorise and calm skin irritations.

Dirty Beastie Fox

100% natural, organic based shampoo designed for dirty, smelly, thick and matted coats. Ideal for a dirty dog!

Itchy Fox

A shampoo designed to deter ticks, mites and fleas with the use of Margosa extract, a naturally derived insect-repelling substance from the Neem Tree. Gently cleansing and moisturising, leaving the coat soft and spotless. Perfect for flea season and on dogs prone to infestations.

Disheveled Fox

 100% natural. Ingredients include a perfectly balanced formula of vitamin E. Exceptional conditioning compounds gently enrich the coat and skin and moisturise and protect the hair after shampooing. The coat will be revitalised, will feel soft and shinyensuring a silky, manageable finish radiating health. This treatment does not leave a sticky or waxy residue.